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In today’s times, more and more people have found themselves working from home. Having an efficient home office has become more important now than ever before. At the center of a productive home office are modern home desks. A good desk should contain organizational elements to store important files and papers, as well as enough room on its surface to hold a computer. It should also seamlessly blend with the décor of your home.

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Modern Desks for Home Office

There are many choices when picking out desks, but ultimately your choice will be based not only on your needs but also the aesthetic of your home office. Being the centerpiece of the office, a modern desk is key to achieving contemporary interior design. Here are the top modern styles you should consider when choosing office desks for home offices.

  • Writing Desk
    Also called a leg desk, the simple form of a surface and four legs is what makes this modern desk a popular choice. The work surface is supported by stylish gold legs in a manner similar to a table and frequently comes with one or more shallow pencil drawers beneath it. This modern home office desk is a great choice for smaller spaces and those who don’t need a lot of storage.
  • L-Shaped Desk
    If you want double the work surface compared to a traditional desk design, the L shape is perfect for achieving this while still following a modern desk design. It’s made up of a main working surface and a return, which is the additional desk that is positioned perpendicular to the main surface to create the L-shape. The L-shaped desk is great for having both a computer-dedicated surface and another work surface for other activities like studying or stacking papers. It’s also meant to be placed in a corner to save space.
  • Adjustable Height Desk (Sit-Stand Desk)
    The standing work desk is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the dangers of sedentary living. This modern desk allows you to work while seated, or adjust the height to have your computer at eye-level while standing. It usually doesn’t come with drawers or only has shallow ones like a writing desk, but its ergonomic qualities make it a great choice for versatility and comfort.
  • Computer Desk
    One of the simplest designs, computer desks give your office a contemporary look with its sleek, minimalist features. They usually come with a large tabletop to give you enough space for your laptop, PC, keyboards, printer, and other office necessities. A glass-top computer desk is even more stylish and blends in without disrupting your office’s look. Their transparency is also great for small offices as they do not take up a lot of visual space.
  • Metal Frames
    Metal framework is the ultimate in minimalist, utilitarian design that today’s interior trends are leaning towards. The clean lines give off an industrial-chic edge that is perfect for those who are after a sleeker office look. Modern office desks with thin metal legs or other frame parts will give your office a progressive look while still being strong and sturdy. There are a few types of wood that can be used to achieve this, whose texture also add their own design flair.

Contemporary Desk Decorating Ideas

Here are some stylish ideas to dress up your desk for a home office:

  • Add a pop of color by putting up a bold piece of art or painting a miniature mural on the wall adjacent to your desk.
  • Choose a soothing palette with neutral-colored desk accessories to go with your natural-colored wood desk top.
  • Bring the outside in by placing low-maintenance plants or fresh-cut flowers in a beautiful vase on your desk.
  • A metal and natural-color wood sleek modern office desk pairs well with metallic colors like silver or gold. Make sure to throw in a small plant to soften the industrial look.
  • Less is more. Minimalist is the order of the day with modern design, so choose only a few pieces of varying texture to avoid cluttering your desk.
  • Use the space around the desk. Think tall plants, framed pictures, or a planning calendar hanging on the wall. Don’t forget that your desk chair plays a big part in the overall look as well.

Our Online Collection

If searching for home office furniture online, you have come to the right place. We have several options to meet your needs.

If all you have is a laptop and not a lot of files and papers to keep track of, we have a modern desk that is very simple in its design and is just the right size for a few items on its surface.

On the other hand, if you need a lot of desk space and room for many files and documents, we have got you covered there as well. Some of our desks feature shelving as well as filing drawers for organizing.

Why not complete your home office space with one of our ergonomic office chairs and matching bookcases?

Placement of Your Modern Home Desk

Our space-saving L-Shaped home office desks fit perfectly into any corner space of your home, and our Modern Home Office Computer Desks are the perfect size for placing inside of a nook area. Designing your own office space has never been easier.

Browse our Modern Home Desks

We at Belleze are proud to offer you high-quality, yet affordable home office furniture. Our contemporary home office desks are classic, yet functional. Give yourself the home office you really deserve and buy a new desk today! Visit our page of FAQs or contact us with any questions you might have.