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Second to the kitchen, the living room sofa has become the gathering place for the family. It is an area where you can lay down and relax, and watch your favorite television show, or read a good book. Depending on its location in the house, it may become a bit more formal, often located in the front room of the home. Your lifestyle and personal preferences will determine the style of settee furniture that is the most suitable.

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The Signature Style of a Modern Sofa

In order to find the perfect modern sofa for your living room or bedroom, it’s a good idea to first understand the principles that define the signature style of the best modern couches.

Today’s modern style couch origins can be traced back to the early 20th century, when the Bauhaus design school and a rebellion against classic designs caused a shift in how modern style couches and other furniture were perceived. The art deco style also had a significant impact on the modern couch, although the ornamentation and details are usually kept to a minimum to maintain a clean look. Some of the main traits of the signature style of a modern sofa are a minimalist design, clean lines, and warm neutral colors.

Meanwhile, a contemporary sofa is an evolution of the modern design, combining all styles into a more fluid design of contemporary couches while maintaining the sleek, minimalist elements that made the modern couch so popular.

And today, the modern contemporary couch doesn’t necessarily follow all of the rules that were prominent in the 50s. For instance, while straight lines and edges are essential modern sofa features, today’s couches sometimes have curves, as this style has become trendy in recent years.

Selecting the Right Sofa

Before selecting the style of affordable modern couch, your first consideration should be its size. In order to achieve balance, the couch should fill the room without making it look cramped. Logically, its width, depth, and height also play a role, as it determines how many people can comfortably sit in it.

When looking for affordable sofas online, you may be weighing up your options between getting a large sofa vs. smaller settee furniture. Settees have a slimmer, more elegant profile. Traditional sofas generally sit more people, so the size of your household should impact your decision.

Another option to consider is whether you want your sofa to have a pull-out bed option. Futon sofas are a stylish and convenient way to provide a place for your houseguests to sleep over.

Tips for Choosing the Best Modern Couches

When choosing the right modern furniture (couch especially), you need to consider not just the design but how it will fit with your lifestyle and overall style of your home. Let’s go over a few of the most important considerations below:

  • How Will You Use It? First, you need to think about the practical side of getting a modern sofa. That is, you need to figure out how you will use it, as that will dictate what type of sofa would be the best option for your needs. If you have a big family and want seating space for the living room, you will most likely need a large, sectional sofa that can fit everyone. At the same time, it’s also important to consider the comfort and whether you will actually enjoy sitting on it every day.
  • Consider Placement. The way you place the sofa in the room will have a significant impact on how it looks. So, before you commit to a specific modern contemporary sofa, make sure that you carefully measure out the space and know that it will not only fit but will also not overcrowd the room.
  • Think About the Fabric. The fabric of a modern sofa is an integral choice for aesthetic reasons. But it can be just as crucial for practical ones as well. Consider whether you’ll be using it every day and how resistant to staining you want it to be, especially if you have children or pets.
  • Match the Color With the Room. Getting the color of your modern sofa right is a crucial aspect of being happy with your purchase. Even a beautiful sofa can look out of place if it doesn’t match the color scheme or if you don’t think through how the color will impact the aesthetic and go with everything else. However, if you feel like you love the color, don’t be afraid of going with a bold choice that might become a centerpiece that brings the room together.

Our Sofa Collection

We have handpicked several sofas from our favorite designers to fill our settee furniture collection. Offering something for everyone, our collection features both contemporary and traditional styles.

Affordable Modern Couches for All

Leave the big box stores behind and buy affordable sofas online with Belleze Furniture. Our collection of chic and comfortable settee furniture is sure to complement your home’s aesthetic completely. Enjoy free ground shipping on your order. Follow us on Instagram and check out our blog for our take on the latest trends. Be sure to email us any questions you might have and our friendly customer service team will help!

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