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If you have hardwood or tile flooring, you may have decided that you need to add a bit of warmth and character here and there. Laying down an area rug is a great way to accomplish that. They bring texture and visual interest to wherever they are placed. Area rugs for the home also work to instantly define a zone within a room. For instance, having several different sizes of area rugs within a living room will help you appropriate different sitting areas within it.

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Choosing an Affordable Area Rug

Select a modern living room rug that closely matches the tone of your tile or wood flooring. Or, you can choose to go for one that is the complete opposite color. Whichever route you take will bring a different appearance to a room.

When the color or tone closely matches, it has a subtle, calming effect. An area rug with a color that is in contrast with the space may make the room seem smaller, but it also adds vibrant energy to it.

Regarding the size of the rug that you should choose for your living room or dining room, keep in mind that traditionally you will want to leave a minimum of 18 inches of bare flooring around the edge of the rug. You want to make sure that the rug doesn’t come too close to the wall, or else it might look like you just ran short on carpet for the entire room.

Our Modern Living Room Rugs

Our contemporary collection of soft shag rugs features a variety of neutral colors. Perfect for minimalist décor, our affordable area rugs will attractively complement any sitting area within your home. Its plush, soft fibers will feel inviting to your bare feet.

Affordable Area Rugs: Shop Now! Don’t leave your floors cold and bare! Belleze Furniture offers several color options of stylish shag rugs for your home for you to choose from. You can even break the rules and lay an area rug on top of a carpeted area to add color, texture, and depth. Do you have questions? Visit our page of FAQs. We invite you to read our blog as well for a unique take on the latest interior decorating trends.