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Supremely cozy, a recliner deserves to have a spot inside every living room in America. After having a long day at work, what could be better than putting your feet up and letting the cares of the world drift away while you watch your favorite television show? In addition to this, many people appreciate the soothing motion that many affordable recliners offer. If you’re a new mom you can enjoy rocking your little one to sleep with the help of a comfortable modern recliner.

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History of the Recliner

The official chair of Dads in America, the recliner chair is an iconic piece of furniture. Its origin began in 1832 when the first mechanical dental chair was invented. One of the first versions of a reclining chair was said to be owned by Napoleon III in 1850.

However, the real forerunner to the recliners of today was created by William Morris in the 1860s which he named the Morris Chair. It launched in Europe, and in 1880 the term “recliners” began to be put to use to replace the term “adjustable chairs.”

The recliner made its debut in the United States in 1901 and the market of home furniture recliners was launched.

Placement of Your Recliner

After you decide on an affordable recliner that you love, you may be wondering where you should put it. Instead of placing the recliner in line with the sofa, try arranging two recliners side-by-side, facing the TV. Then you can place a sofa or lounge perpendicular to them. This creates a more intimate setting, while still allowing access to the television.

Comfortable Modern Recliners from Belleze

At Belleze, our lineup of affordable recliners are selections that you will be happy to give a home in your living room. Whether you are eager to put your legs up and relax, or just enjoy rocking back and forth, our home furniture recliners will add an extra element of comfort to your home. Email us with any questions you have and we will be in touch.