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Stylish, elegant, and indulgent, our range of mid-century modern chaise lounges makes a beautiful impact on any room that they are placed in. As the name suggests, this comfortable seat is perfect for stretching out your legs and relaxing. There are several benefits to selecting a living room lounge chair. A chaise’s graceful lines have the ability to make a small room appear larger. They are also great to use in place of a sofa when you have a space with an unusual shape.

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The mid-century modern chaise that we know and love today would not have been possible without its roots in 16th century France. The chaise lounge, translated in French as “long chair,” refers to any long, upholstered chair in which you can put your feet up and recline.

They were specifically created by French furniture designers for royalty to lounge upon. During the 1800s, the chaise lounge became more embraced by women who enjoyed lounging upon them rather than going to their bedrooms to take a nap. Today, living room lounge chairs are used as much to add character to a space as they are to lay upon them.

Affordable Chaise Lounges
We offer a tasteful assortment of mid-century modern chaise lounges for you to choose from, in a variety of soft and supple fabrics. Use one as a stylish boudoir chair for bedroom seating. Place one in the sunroom where you can read a nice book, or in front of the fireplace where you can enjoy the warmth of the flames.

Mid Century Modern Chaise Lounges
We at Belleze are pleased to present you with fine quality, yet affordable lounges. Our mid-century modern chaise lounges are the epitome of modern elegance. Allow yourself to lay back like an aristocrat when you buy a new lounge chair today! Contact us with any questions you may have or visit our page of FAQs.

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