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If you are looking for a versatile way to add more counter space and storage options to your kitchen, there is nothing better than purchasing kitchen island furniture. One of the best aspects of having an industrial kitchen cart is that many of them are on casters. This is very convenient when it is time to mop the floor, plus you can always pull the movable kitchen island near the stove while you are cooking. Another big bonus of having freestanding kitchen island furniture is that it doesn’t require professional installation.

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Selecting the Right Kitchen Island Cart

Before purchasing a kitchen island cart, it is important to measure carefully. In order for there to be enough space for it, your kitchen should measure about 8 feet deep and 12 feet long. It is a good idea to use a roll of masking tape to mark off the area, stepping around the space where the cart will be.

If you have plenty of space, this means you can go with a larger piece of kitchen island furniture. On the other hand, if you feel cramped, go smaller. Be sure that you are still able to open the dishwasher and refrigerator doors once the island is in place.

Now that you know what size of kitchen island cart to select, it all comes down to aesthetics. Having everything in your kitchen matching exactly can potentially make it look boring. For example, if your kitchen is all white, perhaps mix it up a bit and go with a different color of industrial kitchen cart.

How to Use a Kitchen Cart

A movable island for your kitchen has many potential uses. It is designed to be an all-purpose storage and workspace. It may have drawers, baskets, cabinets, and hooks. It can hold kitchen items such as cooking utensils, kitchen towels, cookbooks, and more. They are ideal for keeping your most-used tools within easy reach.

Shop for Kitchen Island Furniture

Having a movable island for your kitchen just makes sense. Choose one of our premium industrial kitchen carts at Belleze Furniture to add much-needed counter and storage space to your kitchen or outdoor bar area. We offer free shipping on all of our kitchen island furniture! Contact us with any questions you have, or visit our page of FAQs.

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