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Characterized by their tall, narrow profiles and glass sides, curio cabinets have a name that derives from the curiosities they are intended to store. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, curio furniture encloses your precious keepsakes, protecting them from dust. Unlike bookshelves, this storage furniture option keeps items contained securely, ensuring they can’t get knocked over. Multiple shelves provide ample storage space for showing off your chic collectibles in a beautiful glass curio cabinet.

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Origin of Curio Cabinets

Once termed Cabinets of Curiosity, the curio cabinet reached its popularity during the Victorian Era. What was once saved for professional scientists to display their most prized specimens, then became used for commonfolk to show off their rarest finds for all to see. Just like today, what each individual decided to collect depended upon their personal interests.

The most admired curio cabinets often formed miniature museums, attractions in which people would travel from long distances to visit. It was considered a sign of status to have a well-stocked curiosity acquisition. Today, it is a growing trend to have a collection of art and objects displayed in curio furniture. A glass curio cabinet becomes a personal and interesting focal point for any room.

Our Curio Cabinet Collection

Crafted from wood and glass, our collection of affordable curio cabinets will display your treasures in the best light. Place one in a corner and another at the end of a hallway. They make a perfect addition to your living room or dining room.

Shop our Range of Affordable Curio Cabinets

No matter what you enjoy collecting, our selection of glass curio cabinets at Belleze Furniture will exhibit your unique finds beautifully. Give your treasures a new home in our elegant furniture. Our cabinets are easy to assemble with free ground shipping! Contact us if you have any questions.