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Having a center island within a kitchen is currently one of the hottest trends in interior design. In fact, it is so common that it is almost a given that a new house or a remodeled kitchen space will have a center island. Because of this, the demand for bar stools to place underneath it is often a necessity. For some with smaller spaces, a kitchen bar area may be the only place where people can gather for meals. In either case, it is important to find the right bar seats for the area to make sure it functions optimally. Find bar stool sets of 4 and more that will fit in your space today.

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What Does Modern Mean?

“Modern” has been used for years in the interior design sphere and is usually considered a decor style in high demand, but what most don’t know is that it is one of the most misunderstood design styles. As it happens, the terms "modern" and "contemporary" are often used interchangeably, but the two are quite different despite having similar connotations.

Modern is a design style that gained popularity during the early to the mid-20th century with roots in German and Scandinavian design. On the other hand, contemporary design refers to an ever-changing style of the present day. Contemporary design will likely look very different in 100 years than it does now because it is constantly evolving, while modern design will maintain its defining characteristics. But what exactly are these defining features that distinguish modern from contemporary?
  • Modern design features clean lines and minimal decor: Unlike the heavy textures and dramatic elements of the Renaissance and Victorian styles that preceded it, modern design favors no-fuss crisp lines over curves and zero clutter.
  • Modern design is neutral: It demands a more neutral palette of white, beiges, and even shades of grey because it incorporates the use of natural materials. It can incorporate color accents so long as it is used sparingly and the colors lean towards earthy tones.
  • Modern design is open and airy: Abundance of natural light, unadorned windows, and as few walls as possible. Furniture is used to create the visual distinction between rooms and must have a purpose.

Variations of modern design have come up over time, such as post-modern design and surrealism, but all of these keep with the main elements of clean silhouettes, open spaces, and minimalist themes.

Contemporary Bar Stools: Top Styles

Yes, believe it or not,counterstools can be used as accent pieces for your home. They come in all shapes and sizes and are especially handy for defining the kitchen space in open-plan set-ups. If you’re aiming for a mix of modern and contemporary for your home, here are some of the best bar stools for modern interiors to get you started on your search:

Industrial or Mixed Material Stools

Combining metal and wood, or metal and upholstery gives this style of modern barstools gritty, masculine edge that works well with modern style. The more industrial it looks, the more eclectic. For those who prefer soft, yet still clean, lines, a mix of thin legs and simple upholstery also provides a clean and sophisticated look.


Like industrial modern barstools,all-metal stools are simple and functional — as modern style necessitates. But metal bar stools are anything but basic. There are a wide variety of finishes available in the market. You can work with everything from brass, white-painted metal, or brushed nickel to find one that blends or accentuates your kitchen decor.

Pedestal Bar Stool

Pedestal bar stools have one single supporting pole underneath the seat, making it a great option for those looking for a minimalist, modern counter stools. The base is usually circular but can take any shape as long as good balance is ensured. Pedestal stools are also versatile for many spaces as they usually come with swivel ability and the pole can also be adjusted for height.

Mid-Century Stools

One of the most popular styles of contemporary counter stools today is the curved lines and Eames chair-inspired seats of the mid-century look. These modern barstools can come in various colors, but to keep it minimal it’s best to stick with neutral colors or even clear plastic to complement the dowel legs.

Bistro Bar Stools

This French cafe style can be used to both complement or add a little flair to your kitchen decor. The wooden frames and woven seats give the room a fresh, outdoor perspective that works well with open spaces, and you can choose a look that ties in with your finishing from a variety of weaving patterns.


The natural, earthy tones of wicker material are increasingly being incorporated into today’s furniture. The understated hues are right in line with modern style, ranging from pale whites to caramel browns. Wicker was formerly used for outdoor furniture, but it is quickly gaining popularity as contemporary trends lean towards bringing the outside in.

Modern Kitchen Bar Stools: Bring the Family Together

You have your dream home and your dream family, so why not make it easier for everyone to spend time together? You’d never think it, but bar stools are the perfect setting to encourage family gatherings in the kitchen and foster interaction among members of the home.

Modern bar stools are fun, versatile pieces of furniture and can work in almost every room — the kitchen, bathroom, basement, bedroom, or home bar. Whether you’re setting up lunches for the kids on a school morning, chatting over a baking project on a Sunday afternoon, or preparing a meal for the family at the end of the day, having your spouse or children keep you company in the kitchen is always welcome.Modern island stools are a great way to add style to the kitchen, but family members spending time with each other is the true benefit.

Backless vs. Backed Bar Stools

So you’ve decided that yes, your kitchen peninsula does indeed need some modern barstools for people to hang out in the kitchen, or even to accentuate your design scheme. But it can be hard to settle for one type with all the great styles for modern counter chairs out there. On top of that, you have to decide between two significant variations: backless and backrest bar stools.

Here’s a brief rundown of the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Backless Bar Stools

Why we love them:

  • They are easier to blend into the existing finishings as they usually come in simpler designs than backrest stools.
  • The backrest does not rise above the countertop so the straight lines of the countertop are maintained. They are one of the best modern barstools for maintaining a modern kitchen look.
  • They take up less floor space as they can be tucked under the counter or table. This makes them ideal for small kitchen spaces.

Why we don’t:

  • Lack of back support encourages people to lean on the counter surface in front of them.
  • The lack of support can be dangerous for children.

Backed Bar Stools

Why we love them:

  • The supporting surface at the back makes them feel more secure to sit on.
  • They are more comfortable to sit on for long hours due to the lumbar support that takes some of the stress on the back.

Why we don’t:

  • They may be visible above the height of the countertop, which can interrupt the clean aesthetic of a modern-designed kitchen.
  • Kitchen bar stools with backrests can’t be fully tucked under the kitchen or counter table. Therefore, they may not be the best for small spaces due to the extra floor space they take up.

Modern Barstools: Buying Tips

While choosing between backless and backed bar stools is an important decision, it’s not the only one you need to make when finding the best modern barstools for your home. Here are a few extra buying tips to help you select the perfect bar and counter stools for your lifestyle and needs:

  • Pick the right height: Ultimately, your bar stool will need to be the right size for not just the people sitting on them, but also the aesthetic of the room. See the next section on how to measure the correct height for your counter.
  • Choose for function: Swivel bar stools that are easy to move around are a great choice for those who want flexibility, while homes with children should avoid swivel or backless chairs.
  • Pick the right number: In addition to height, it’s important to consider the length of your counter so that you can add the right number of stools. Every bar stool should have approximately 21" – 24'' of space to ensure enough space for dining and drinking without elbowing your neighbor.
  • Consider material: Material matters for both design and use. Pick durable materials if your counter stools will be used heavily. At the same time, consider where the stools will be placed. For example, wicker stools are best kept indoors unless they are made of all-weather wicker.

Shape matters: Modern stools for kitchen counters come in an array of shapes and styles, so consider your comfort needs and the style of the room when choosing a shape for your stools. Arm and backrests also influence the overall shape of the chair.

Choosing the Correct Height

When considering which sets of 4 bar stools to buy, you first need to measure the height of your bar. Bar height generally ranges from 41-43 inches high. Barstool heights range between 28 to 33 inches, from the floor to the seat.

To make sure that the bar seats you are choosing are the right height, measure from where the top of the seat will be, up to the bottom of the counter. At least 10 inches of clearance should exist between the two, but no more than 15 inches. This ensures that you will have a comfortable amount of legroom. Otherwise, your legs might not be able to fit underneath. On the other hand, too much space and the counter will hit you too high up on your body. You want your bar stool set of 4 to be balanced and comfortable.

Our Unique Collection

We offer an extensive collection of modern bar seats in various different heights. Some of our barstools have backs, while others are without. Ideal to complement an industrial vibe, our impressive selection of black bar stools are sure to complete your kitchen, outdoor space, or recreation room look with style. Our selections come in bar stool sets of 4 for your convenience.

Buy Modern Bar Stools Now

At Belleze, we pride ourselves in offering you a wide variety of bar stools to choose from, to match your personal taste. Our modern black bar stools are some of our hottest-selling items. We offer free shipping on everything we sell! Visit our page of FAQs, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about finding the perfect bar stool set of 4 for you.

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