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It’s official: barn doors are incredibly popular. They’re all the rage at the moment, thanks to their distinct looks and functionality, and amazing versatility. If you’re ready to embrace this hip decor trend, look no further than BELLEZE! We have a selection of X barn doors brimming with a charming farmhouse flair that brings a rustic warmth to blend with homes of any style. Here are some top reasons why barn doors are a must-have in your home.

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Save Space

Sliding barn doors are ideal for smaller rooms. Swinging doors need more room to open, so they may end up blocking walkways or damaging walls. But, interior barn doors sit almost flush against the wall, easily gliding back and forth. Irrespective of the width, indoor barn doors take up virtually zero space, making them an ideal fit for smaller homes or apartments.

Flaunt Your Style

The best feature of rustic barn doors—they elevate your decor to the next level. Farmhouse sliding doors from BELLEZE come in myriad finishes, colors, and sizes which makes it easy to find a piece that speaks to your style. The beauty of the wood finish marries with the X-shaped detailing for a door style that’s visually stunning. Bonus—you can paint them in any stain of your choice to fit your design needs.

Great Functionality

Besides their powerful visual appeal, barn doors are an effective way to separate open spaces. Many modern homes have an open concept design, where two larger rooms, such as the kitchen and living room, are connected by a wide opening. This is the perfect spot for a sliding barn door. While a barn door added to such spaces will likely stay open more often than not, it can act as the perfect feature to suggest spatial separation.

Adding a farmhouse barn door to any room serves the functional purpose of creating an open concept decor, which feels modern and chic. We love how a barn door can help you create clearly defined spaces, yet keeping the flow very open for a cohesive look and feel. They’re great for any space in your home, including the living room, pantry, mudroom, bedroom, bathroom, or kids’ room.

BELLEZE has barn doors for houses crafted with premium quality wood that can be installed in bathrooms or bedrooms for greater privacy. BELLEZE barn doors have been ranked as the best soundproof barn door by Spruce.

Easy to Install Installation

You don’t need to be a remodeling pro to install a sliding barn door. BELLEZE farmhouse barn doors are easy DIY projects with pre-drilled holes, an all-inclusive hardware kit, and an easy-to-follow instruction manual. When you’re ready to upgrade or change to this style, it’s a snap to swap out traditional doors with this trending accessory.

Easy Opening and Closing

Another nice feature of sliding barn doors is how effortlessly they glide along the track and open and close with ease. An open barn door gives you the entire doorway to walk through, which also makes it easy to move furniture and other items easily across rooms.

How To Choose The Perfect Interior Barn Doors

Barn style doors go well with almost every interior design theme, but this doesn’t mean that you should go with just anything for your rooms. You should choose the barn doors that match your home’s personality. Luckily, this popular style comes in a variety of options. Whether your theme is traditional, rustic, or industrial, there’s a farmhouse door for your home. Here are some stylish and functional barn door styles and ideas you can apply to your home.

Double Barn Doors

Double bi-parting doors are a unique way of separating large rooms to increase their function. They are perfect for separating the dining room from the living room, or closing off a home office when privacy is needed. They temporarily divide larger spaces while retaining the option of opening them wide to enjoy a more open floor plan.

Clear Barn Doors

Modern designs such as tempered glass barn doors are a great way to demarcate a space without necessarily separating them, a quality that makes them a top choice for smaller spaces while bringing the outside in. They unify the room and maximize natural light while still providing a solid barrier. Perfect for a study, dining room area, or elegant bathrooms.

Rustic Wood Barn Doors

How about adding a sense of warmth and elegance to your rooms with a rustic wood sliding door? Rustic barn doors feature a classic plank design and can come in western style or even a country theme. Use this popular style of farmhouse door to demarcate one or many rooms, add some warmth to your bedroom, or as a pantry door that will become the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Room Concealers

A single farmhouse door is a perfect solution for closing off small rooms without eating up space. Think laundry rooms, small bathrooms off your corridor, closets, cloakrooms, and more. Choose a custom farmhouse sliding door so that you can fit it exactly the way you need.


From their beautiful rustic appearance to their functionality and beyond, farmhouse barn doors have amazing benefits for any home. With a wide selection of barn doors, BELLEZE makes it easy to find the perfect one for your home. Shop our variety of barn doors today! Want to know more about our noise-concealing barn doors? Check out this blog here.