Treat Your Home a Pretty Fall

Posted by Vivian AN

A new season is coming! Have you started with your decorations to welcome fall 2021? Pumpkins, dry leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, millions of fantastic ideas have been spread on Instagram and Pinterest. Belleze can’t wait to share ours. As always said, your modern elegant home can be beautiful on a budget.


Stay Focus. Not Every Corner.

Make sure what is the target to your fall décor. Your goal is to spend less to make your home looks seasonally beautiful. You don’t want to spend too much effort on every corner at home because you eventually will replace many decorations in the holiday season near Christmas.

The entryway would be a good choice to start with. How it looks shows what kind of person you are.

It locates next to the front door that people often use for shoes and outfit changes. People will feel your hospitality if a bench is there to sit on.

Brooke 47” Tufted Ottoman Bench is one of them if you’re looking for a match to your modern contemporary home at the entryway. The white variant is highly recommended when you have a hard time debating colors. It is a neutral cotton white that never disappoints you.


Everyone needs a warm comfy bed when the temperature is dripping down in fall and winter. But the colors of lining are the tricky part on your way to nailing flawless bedding. Monochrome + neutral is the direction we should go, then it is easier to play with decorations of huge color contrast to pop the entire place. Fall is all about golden, brown, orange, and yellow, which appears even better with the grey monochrome.

For the rest, filling the space with furniture accessories matches the base color. Just like why we chose a grey Lounge Accent Chair and a grey Brentwood Storage Ottoman Bench. And don’t forget to add fun and happiness to your bedroom! Fragrance candles! Halloween dolls! The triple-owl puppet is so funny that we take them everywhere in the house for good pictures.

Oh, wait! How do you deal with those old cushions? Just put them into Brentwood Storage Ottoman Bench in front of your bed because that’s what it supposes to be.


A Great Partner in Your Kitchen

You know what!?  -- It’s super surprising to see the Avalon Dining Chairs are serving at local coffee shops and milk tea stores because I never thought about the Avalon series could be that great in business.

That proves the Avalon series’ adaptability with coffee and beverages. Of course, serving at a modern contemporary home is the Avalon series’ major expertise. Its long-endure vegan leather provides premium comfort and supports while sitting.

Moreover, less effort for of cleaning, which is friendly to those who are unwilling to spend hours on housekeeping.

Treat yourself well and give a good reason to take some pictures about relaxing life on October 1st, 2021 – have fun with the International Coffee Day. It’s a day of leisure, a social media occasion to share your story with coffee.

For your photography hack: some yum yum finger food over a well-designed board tray, a cup of coffee, all over a bright dining room with cool matched dining chairs like the Avalon. You nailed it!


Your Local Stores Have Good Kinds of Stuff!

Never forget to browse your local discount stores before you started your decorations!

Here, you see, pumpkins, leaves, and the dry floral, most of the decorations over Annett Sideboard/Buffet TV Stand Living Room Storage came from a dollar store. Altogether costs less than 10 dollars to complete a classic Fall look.

To fill more space on the scene, all you need to do is adding on an accent chair to pair with this minimalistic vibe. Comes along with a neutral look, the Lounge Accent Chair is perfect to stand alone in the living room or the bedroom. You will enjoy the great coziness from its club chair structure that is designed to create a feeling of being stuck in.


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