Multifunctional Ottomans to Spruce Up Your Decor

Posted by Raymond Pang

A true workhouse, an ottoman, is a multipurpose piece that delivers unmatched style and functionality to the space. Best used as a footrest, ottomans have since come a long way. Every home needs an ottoman or pouf. It offers seating, storage and style, all in one elegant package. Here’s an informative blog that tells you more about the various types of ottomans and their uses.

Storage Ottoman

 Storage Ottoman Bench | Belleze

A storage ottoman has a clever design with a storage cavity inside, perfect for stowing away extras and bulky items for a neat and well-organized room. If you need more storage, our Brentwood Storage Ottoman is a great buy. It’s a classic storage ottoman, covered in plush upholstery with a tufted top and nailhead trims at the bottom for a lovely decorative touch. We love this storage ottoman as an elegant accent piece near the bed.

Choose from our range of neutral-toned and vibrant colored Brentwood ottomans to curate a bedroom that appeals to your taste. A gray-toned ottoman is the perfect complement to any neutral color palette. Add in a few cushions and pillows in cheery tones of yellow or orange to lighten up the décor. A patterned rug adds the right touch of texture and design for a tastefully decorated bedroom. From throw pillows and blankets to board games and magazines, storage ottomans allow your favorite items to be right at your fingertips while making your living or bedroom look neat and well-organized.

 Amherst Storage Ottoman Bench

Families with kids and pets will appreciate the convenience of our faux leather upholstered Amherst Storage Ottoman Bench. Faux leather is a low maintenance material that’s easy to clean, ideal for homes where little ones and furry friends often leave behind a trail of their naughty mess! This ottoman sports a modern rectangular silhouette with rounded edges and stitched paneling that will command your attention and instill elegance to the décor.

Ottoman Coffee Table

 Ravenna Ottoman Coffee Table

Looking for a unique twist of style on an ottoman? Try an ottoman coffee table. It’s a versatile accessory that can you can use to hold trays or serve snacks and cocktails. It gives the space a homey feel with a modern look and is a practical addition to your TV or living room. If you have pets or kids, a coffee table ottoman with storage is a huge plus. The built-in interior compartment is your answer to a mess-free room.

When choosing an ottoman coffee table, keep in mind the size of the surrounding furniture and the surrounding space. Select a piece that’s proportional to your sofa or sectional while leaving at least 12” of walking space in between. To achieve that perfectly laid out décor, round ottomans that allow more room all around work better with a sectional sofa.

Closet Dressing Room Ottoman 
Credit: @boldandgolddecor

Whether you’re looking for a round ottoman or a square storage ottoman that can serve as an elegant coffee table, our Ravenna ottoman has you covered. Fine linen upholstery, tufted top, and double nailhead trim detailing give this modern ottoman deliver on-trend looks. Solid wood legs with a decorative design add a vintage touch for a beautiful accent piece to level up your décor. Use it as a sophisticated coffee table in your living room or to add a comfy seating spot in your walk-in closet or dressing room. There are numerous creative ways to add this elegant ottoman to your décor.

Ottoman Bench

 Entryway Ottoman Bench

If you love entertaining guests and hosting house parties, extra seating in the living room is always welcome. An upholstered ottoman makes an ideal transition from footrest to seating. With its sturdy legs, lush fabrics, and soft cushioning, your guests will be just as comfortable on your ottoman as they would be on your sofa. We’d like to introduce you to our Brooke Tufted Ottoman Bench - a 47” bench ottoman that offers ample seating with a charming mid-century modern design. Place it at the entryway for a stylish touch or use it to round out your living room décor. Blending immaculate style with practical functionality, our Brooke Tufted Ottoman Bench is sure to make a beautiful décor statement.

Pouf Ottoman

 Pouf Ottoman

Aside from being practical and versatile, a pouf ottoman is a great decorative element for the space. Our Colby Modern Round Ottoman has a lovely silhouette and is upholstered in soft fabric. Use it accent furniture in the living room or entryway, a compact coffee table, or as a small add-on seat in your kids’ room. The plain upholstery offers an understated yet a very stylish look, and it’s available in neutral and bright hues, giving you plenty of options to customize the look of your space.

In our range, you’ll find ottomans in bold colors, neutral shades, unique shapes, and distinct textures. From plush leather ottomans, tufted pieces in vibrant tones, to velvet draped footstools for a luxury hotel lounge look, we have a wide array of ottomans to choose from. Explore our collection today to find that perfect piece that complements your décor and best serves your lifestyle needs.


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