Let’s Talk About Work from Home

Posted by Vivian AN

While Work from Home is turning to be casual since 2020, however, the style of telecommuting has a long history before the COVID-19 global outbreak. It was a pop-culture concept in the 1990s and gradually access to more workers in the 21st century with stable Wi-Fi and laptops. Today, thousands of new jobs are created in the digital world, which is far beyond human imagination a decade ago. It’s also the NO.1 choice for freelancers and side hustles as long as it’s more flexible than sitting inside a cube.

So today, we are going to talk about YOUR home office because I believe workspace conditions matter to our concentrations and productivities. We have to get this serious, but not THAT serious. So let’s get started!


For Women in Business

Women are empowering this world more than ever today. To them, an office is not only a utility space but also a statement of aesthetics and lifestyle. Chelsea Vanity Console Table senses this trend to be born this way. Its waterproof glossy surface guarantees duration and sturdiness, which enables an individual to style it with a laptop, an extended display, flowers, teacups, office supplies, etc.

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Modern Home Office Computer Desk is like its alternative. As the same, it comes with golden metal legs that adding a luxury appearance to a feminine home office. If you are a big fan of the matte effect, this could be the one.



Homeschooling/Zoom University is another common phenomenon happens since 2020. Brainstorming a study room décor for youth could be very challenging. We wanted a happy and fun atmosphere so the kids don’t feel bored to learn, on the other hand, not distracted too much by the joy.

The solution could be a good study partner sitting next to each other. Avalon Office Chairs come with 360-degree swivel ability that lets a face-to-face discussion so easy just a single turn. With the motivating slogans on the wall, the study room will become an ideal space for self-learning.

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Last but not least, CHAIRS!

Then let’s talk about the best partner of a home office – AN OFFICE CHAIR, a critical supply we can’t live without. Sitting for long hours could be killing, only if you don’t choose the right chair. Aria Office Chair, the one designed for providing extra comforts, which shouldn’t be neglected. This soft thin back and fixed arms are supporting a home office lady to sit for long hours comfortably.

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BANG! Something special is yet to come. Nora Office Chair, a new arrival instantly becomes one of the best sellers at Belleze. The velvet upholstery adds a luxurious swag while padding underneath provides comfort while a home office lady works. Productivity is enhanced at the same time.

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