• 5 Easy Ways to Design a Modern Bohemian Living Room

    Are you searching for vibrant home decor full of life and culture? If you’re looking to create a warm and welcoming space that’s rich with unique textures and ripe with color, then Bohemian style (also known as Boho décor) is perfect for you! This design style defies modern sensibilities by embracing creative, carefree, and out-of-the-box design. A modern bohemian living room has several characteristics that are usually eclectic, bright and unforgettable.
  • 10 Executive Home Office Ideas for an Inspiring Workspace

    If you’re looking for executive home office ideas in hopes of creating your dream home office, you’ve come to the right place. As a furniture company that values beautifully-crafted pieces that are both functional and long-lasting, we understand that bringing your vision to life starts with finding design elements that meet your personal preferences and practical requirements.

    Today, we’re sharing our top modern executive office design tips. We hope they provide the creative inspiration needed to make your perfect executive home office a reality.

  • The Top Apartment Patio Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

    Do you have a patio but don’t know how to make the most of it? Apartments are often small in size. You are also limited in the design changes you can make inside. But patios are essentially an extra, often underutilized space that you can use for anything: storage, an office, entertaining, working out – the list goes on. Designing your ideal apartment patio is an opportunity to be creative. Make it cozy and private, or open and inviting. Ready to get inspired with 20 awesome apartment patio ideas? Here is a list of great ways to make the most of your patio area.
  • 12 of the Best Rustic Living Room Ideas on a Budget

    Yes, it’s possible to be modern, chic, AND rustic—all on a budget. A rustic atmosphere is warm and inviting, humble and comfortable. It’s everything you want for your living room. 

    Ready for a room redo to create a comfortable space you can truly enjoy? And need some inspiration to do it on a budget? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Beautify your space with a DIY sliding barn door

    Think of it this way: your home is your sanctuary. With the spike in remote work over the past few years, we spend the majority of our time at home. Now, our homes are not only the places where we live, relax, cook, eat, socialize and spend time with our loved ones. Instead, homes are also the place where we do our work and stay active. And while we’re home, we want to be happy and comfortable in our environment. 
  • Easy Décor Tips & Ideas For The Perfect Basement Bedroom

    We’d say that having a basement in your home is a true luxury. Why? Because most of us, at some point or the other wish for more space in our homes. With square footage becoming an increasingly precious commodity in the modern world, it makes practical sense to utilize every inch of the available space in your home. But here’s a catch—basements often get a bad rap for being damp and gloomy, definitely not how you’d imagine a modern bedroom to be.
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